Painting > Surreal Paintings and Cartoons

8"H x 10"W

Second Place Award - Game on Exhibit at Salem Arts Association - June 2018:

"What a wonderful treat to see the work of Heather Stewart after approximately 10 years. An exquisite draftsperson and painter Heather, formally trained, has taken on new subject matter in a refreshing and intriguing way. What I love so much about this piece is its delightful and playful relationship to Surrealism. The Surrealists included games and play at all of their meetings and gatherings. One example is the exquisite corpse. Heather’s work evokes the works of the Surrealists including: Dorothea Tanning, Max Ernst and Leonora Carrington. However, Heather has played with the viewer by including some nods to Georgia O’Keefe and others in her capturing this game moment."

Maureen Creegan-Quincus, Juror